About Us

About Us

Hires2 is a worldwide organization that is providing labor to numerous nations. It has a critical nearness in the India as a main enlistment organization just as in all over India in top urban areas like Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and so forth. We are helping place up-and-comers in INDIA firms from everywhere throughout the India. We have become a solid enlistment advisor INDIA through the exceptional endeavors which we put in the enrollment administrations. Our office has just earned a name among the INDIA-based organizations. We are one of the India arrangement experts in giving the best-skilled labor from over the globe. We band together with the INDIA-based organizations to top off their opportunities.


We likewise help distinctive occupation searchers who are available in the INDIA to find a new line of work there. Our office is one of the expertly overseen INDIA work selection representatives who is attempting to meet the prerequisites of the customers. We go about as a connection between our customer organizations and the expected applicants.


We assume responsibility for the full pattern of enlistment for INDIA Companies


At Alliance International, we respond to the call of sourcing the most fit labor for your in India as an accomplice. We attempt to build the profitability of the enrollment procedure at an inconceivably ease. You can be quiet in the wake of recruiting our administrations. The total administrations would be a capable and responsible exercise.


We figure among the top in the rundown of enrollment offices in the INDIA. Our exercises are absolutely customer driven and we work toward the path as wanted by our customers. We are in control from the principal exercises of the sourcing of the competitors till the up-and-comers get chose by you and want joining. We guarantee that our customers need to confront no issue during the transitional procedure. Their activity will involve with respect to enlightening India concerning the opportunity that must be satisfied and afterward starts the joining customs when the competitor who is chosen seeks joining. The up-and-comers will likewise discover the procedure of enlistment smoothed out. There will be no miscommunication. It will be a solitary window approach that will make the whole procedure of correspondence simpler.


Why go for our enrollment benefits in the United States


Make an incentive in your labor quality


At the point when we do the enlistment as Recruitment Agency INDIA, we guarantee that we make an incentive for you with our undertaking for scanning the best abilities for you. It does exclude just the topping off of opening with coordinating resumes. The people that are sent should fit into the way of life of the association that they are being sent to. Our underlying procedure of filtration deals with these exercises. We guarantee sending the most appropriate profiles. Any nonconformist in the association can spell damage to your organization in the days to come. Our long involvement with the field of up-and-comer looking, arranging and shortlisting have made the activity simpler for India.


Get the best administrations at the most serious expenses


  • We charge ostensible rates in contrast with other enlistment organizations in the INDIA for outsiders.


  • No charge is taken for new sources selected in-ho India


  • There are no expenses to be borne for overhead.


Higher Revenues


  • All nonstop enlistment process is on.


  • You can get basic labor at lower costs.


  • We Indian the most recent apparatuses for enlisting and source number of competitors.


  • You can get the opportunity to have certain united administrations at a similar cost itself.


Profoundly adaptable administrations


  • The in-ho Indian people can dedicate a greater amount of their time for more noteworthy worth included occupations.


  • The group of volunteers might be scaled up or down according to the in India attempt request and the requests close by.


  • We can tap in more up to date puts for good labor and help our customer organizations.


You can request united HR benefits additionally at reasonable rates.


Commitments of agreement


We are not in any way inflexible in the terms and states of the agreement. At Alliance International, we offer heaps of opportunity in simple abrogation and restoration of agreements. We don't put stock in putting a lot of ties on our customers as it strains connections. This adaptability has a large number of the customers to remain back with India.


We have faith in long haul organizations


  • Thorough comprehension of the b Indiainess procedure of the customer.


  • Suggesting methods of progress of the enrollment procedure.


  • Transparent in our dealings.


  • Competitive rates make customers think a few times to separate from India.


  • Industry We Serve


  • We serve the enrollment and staffing needs of Call Center/BPO/IT Industry, Garments And FMCG Industry, Milk and Dairy Industry, Office Administration, Education Industry, Electronics and Electrical Industry, Mechanical and Plumbing Industry, Banking Industry, Finance Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Medical Industry, Oil Fields and Refineries Industry, Power Plant Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Road and Highway development and Logistic Industry.


We can assist you with employing the best ability on earth!


And so on, we realize how to take care of business. At the point when you need the perfect individual to configuration, introduce, sell, train, work, keep up or oversee anyplace in the India we realize how to locate the best ability in the World!


Enrolling India for National


We center around staffing exile and national occupations in India when our customers need global skill or experience.